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On Ancient Paths

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Joins Art to Artist in their double sorwe,
For he would be the Pilgrim
In Beauty’s wanton lap—
That Beauty, whose beauty
Cannot be scorched by trial, nor truth.

The music which falls from his harp
Would charm Euridice from the Plutocracy,
Did charm the Irish sorceress,
For he would be Musagetes
To Calliope.

Deep within the interlunar cycles
Of the Creative Will,
Hidden in the Intellect,
There lies buried the never-written,
Epochal, ur-poem; the tripod
And the crucible stand ready—
Forcep and tong also—
To lead the infant poem,
From the dark to the light.
The forge lies ready
To transform the lead to silver
And then to gold:
The Magus breathes life
Into his roric figures;
If the Fool in his most lyrical
Could produce such hieroglyphery
At such preterdetermined intervals,
Could evoke such Romantic Torments
(Unnamed, yet certainly rhymed,
And hourly metered,
And Behemothmically paginated),