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The Late Night’s Blue Edge

The Late Night’s Blue Edge - A Writer’s Chronicle

James M. Brantingham

Part memoir, part literary history, Jim Brantingham’s newest, The Late Night’s Blue Edge, is a book that captures the feeling of sitting down with a dear friend for coffee and hearing the stories that make up a life. This book excavates memory, showing images of magazines Brantingham has been published in, sharing some of the text, and offering the background of writing each piece. What emerges is a richly textured portrait of a man who has spent five decades engaged in the writing life, and who knows, perhaps better than anyone, what it means to practice craft, even when it's hard and it feels like the world is falling apart. Written in his signature prose style—sharply observational, hilariously understated, and deeply humble-this is a beautiful retrospective from an underappreciated writer.
—Wendy J Fox, author of If the Ice Had Held and What If We Were Somewhere Else

Maybe I'm Supposed to Give You Advice

Maybe I'm Supposed to Give You Advice

Nate Brantingham

Seattle Small Books Company is pleased to publish this volume of Nate Brantingham’s poetry. These poems have been selected from poetry read at slams and readings in Spokane, WA where Nate is a well-known open-mic poet.

You can purchase Maybe I'm Supposed to Give You Advice at Auntie's Bookstore.

Traveling Light

Traveling Light

James M. Brantingham

This book is a collection of short prose and poetry describing some of the events in Jim's travels in the US, Mexico and Europe. They constitute the "pebbles and chicken scratch" found in the pockets of Jim's memory.

You can purchase Traveling Light at Ravenna Third Place Books, Elliott Bay Book Company, Auntie's Bookstore.

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On Ancient Paths - Digital Version now available online >

James M. Brantingham

On Ancient Paths, originally published in 2005, is now available to read in its entirety online. This effort is due in large part to Nate Brantingham and Sarah Kulfan whose combined efforts transformed the book into interactive web pages.

Click here to read On Ancient Paths digital version

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The Winnowing Fan

James M. Brantingham

This lovely playful book takes exquisite care with words and images, giving us one quiet moment hung upon another until the seas of its imagination stretch blue or dark before us. Brantingham's translations create cutting verses sharper than butchers' knives, and he plays satirically with academic speculation about a supposed fragment from paleo-literature. Read this book for its spare lines, where Eden, Attica, and an abandoned cabin somewhere in the western hills become one, and references to orchestral music match the music of his words.

- Linda J. Clifton, Ph.D.
  Founding editor, Crab Creek Review

You can purchase The Winnowing Fan at Ravenna Third Place Books.

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Ritter's Crime

James M. Brantingham

Ritter is a ditch digger in the trenches of a very wet Seattle winter. He recalls voices from poets, both classic and modern, to lift his spirits from the trash-filled ditches to payday. A very short book, but very long on literature--from Hesiod, Homer, Horace, & from Dante to Pound.

"This is a book I've been waiting for—for roughly 16 years. I was impressed back in '89 that Jim Brantingham seemed as handy with Horace as with a sawhorse. As a former member of Local 22, United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners, I felt deep sympathy for this gentleman/scholar. I liked the seamlessness of his erudition and his craftsmanship; he was a writer I thought I could trust. I continue to admire him for these reasons and now, of course, I admire his indomitability as well."

- Howard Junker
  Editor, ZYZZYVA

You can purchase Ritter's Crime at Ravenna Third Place Books.

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