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On Ancient Paths

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His pastoral murications
Would yet pass, verba passeris,
Would cicurate the stormy fens and moors
And outlast all the deranged kings
And sullen daughters

That turn loose that truant from hell,
That literary Lord of Flies.
Error from error spawned,
Always hideous in protean forms:
As Satan’s Dam, Chaos,
As Circeformed Scylla,
As Dante’s Purgatorial Siren,
As Spenser’s synchystic Error
Spewing our fragments of book and bone.

The composite, then, of this errant,
Discalced pilgrim,
The ancient wanderer:
Through the deserts of time,
Wishing for the little water drops
Of his soul, lost in that Black Kitchen
Where the Philosopher’s Stone was his,
Where the books were finally burned.

Consider these fragmented remains:
The hero stitched together
And Musical Tristran,
Excused from immediate death.
Manfred and the Three Fausts
Excused likewise, dramatically;