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On Ancient Paths

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Icarus, The Descent

On that dark and curséd hour
A poet busies his pen in magic rites
Uncharnelling remnants of poets past,
Making immortal his eminent domain:
The psychic remains of some temps perdu,
Ensorcelled by his art, his rhyming chant,
He performs the anamnestic rhyme
While counting every anapest,

Et cetera, et cetera.

The ululations of the unadored poet
Echo through the Sacred Wood
Prometheus and Lucifer he thinks he is,

From Wasteland to Woodland,
And edify the unlearned and the unwashed,
The blinded and the outraged
With a Polyphemic education,
With falling boulders from the shepherd hurled.
While this poet,
Orgilus li Wulf, no doubt,
The poet’s Muse neglects her weaning charge.